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One of the best things about living in Monterey, CA is that the majority of homes have large lots, allowing for some amazing Monterey backyards!

The Monterey Coast offers some of the largest plots of individual land on the Monterey Peninsula, many which in more recent years some have been turned into marijuana farms.

When thinking about renovating or remodeling your backyard, make sure you understand the laws related to water credits as their is a continued issue with water along the Monterey Peninsula. However, if you have at least 2 acres of land, you may want to consider building your own well!

Monterey Home Design Search – Monterey Real Estate Listings

If you are looking to buy a home in Monterey with land and a large backyard OR maybe you want to get some inspiration for sprucing up your Monterey Backyard, then this page is for you.

Our Monterey real estate search allows you to filter all homes with large backyards! Get inspiration for your Monterey home through our Monterey Home Design section. See some of the best backyards and land in Monterey with Monterey Brokers.

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